About us

Born in London in 1994 and in the Middle East since 2008, we understand international standards and we understand the culture of the regions. The mindset of Dubai perfectly echoes our goals ambitions to rise above the norm and reach for the extraordinary. JOY like Dubai, is more than just a name. It is a state of mind.

Keep Smiling.

Joy is
more than
just a name.

It’s an experience.A smile in the mind.


We’ve always strived to be a great company and not necessarily a huge one, because we believe an intimate and close relationship is the right way towards supporting our directors, partners, our clients and delivering higher production values.

The way we work is simple. We think creatively to find solutions efficiently. We think creatively to create optimum impact. We think creatively to deliver great ideas and we think creatively to deliver great value. Other than creativity, we also champion transparency, diplomacy and dialogue. In short, we’re a joy to work with. With offices in UK, Dubai and Beirut, our international presence is stronger than ever and we’ll continue to expand our international support base.

In November 1994, Mehdi Norowzian joined forces with his former Redwing producer, Desley Gregory, to start a new company – Joy Films. They produced and directed high-profile award-winning work, including spots for Mercedes, Audi, Adidas, Reebok and Sony, and worked with celebrities such as Kate Moss, David Beckham, Zidane, Denis Hopper and Harvey Keitel. Their reputation continued to grow rapidly under Joy as they worked with some of the most creatively demanding advertising agencies in the world.

Mehdi was included in D&AD publication, world’s 32 Best Commercial Directors. Joy films has funded and produced many short films and KILLING JOE a short film directed by Mehdi was recognized by the academy and was Oscar nominated for the best short film. A feature length film LEO soon followed, also directed by Mehdi Norowzian staring Joseph Fiennes, Elizabeth Shue, Sam Sheppard and Dennis Hopper. Joy Films UK joined with RSA in November 2003 to become JOY@rsa and was completely absorbed into RSA in 2009.

Joy Films