Top 10 Locations to Film in Dubai.

Top 10 Locations to Film in Dubai.

Dubai boasts of a lavish scale of locations within its 1587 square miles. It is a perfect blend of rustic and urban. The free-flowing, sparkling and vivid terrain of Dubai calls for perfect city shots for all kinds of commercials alike.
Here are the top 10 locations that make Dubai a favourite amongst destination for films:

Downtown Dubai
– Luxury opens up its doors here. The expensive restaurants, luxurious opera house, tall buildings, and wealthy neighbourhoods have a lot to offer.
The Highlight – It’s proximity to Ras Al Khor -a wetland that is renowned for attracting migratory birds and is open from 9 AM to 4 PM. The sunrise and the sunset here offer a stunning skyline with the wetland reserve in the background.

Downtown Dubai

Source – The Lonely Planet

Atlantis Hotel – The luxury hotel boasts of some lush indoor and outdoor locations which can be used to film high-end lavish lifestyles. Tinie Tempah’s famous “Flash” was shot here.
The HighlightAtlantis Hotel has around 20 lavish restaurants, a huge aquarium that houses 300 species, and an Aquaventure Park.

Atlantis Hotel - film location in dubai

Source – See Inside Group

Burj Khalifa – The Earth’s tallest building is an obvious mention on the list!. The tower stands tall at 2717 feet and allows you to have the ultimate skyline for your commercial. From Mission Impossible to Fast and Furious, the list of films that have been shot here is endless.
The Highlight – The height of the building offers a breathtaking view of the horizon in such great detail that you can actually witness the curvature of the earth.

burj khalifa for filming in dubai

Source – C Net

Sheikh Zayed Road – The main artery of the city, Sheikh Zayed Road is the most sought-after filming locations. The longest road in Dubai boasts of ultra-modern skyscrapers on both sides of the highway that make up for a stunning skyline. A particularly breath-taking visual at night that is worth filming. Almost dreamlike time-lapses can be captured if one gets a good vantage point.
Recently, Imagine Dragons’ music video “Thunder” was shot here.
The Highlight – This famous road has 12 wide lanes and offers a beautiful view of the famous twin towers.

Sheikh Zayed Road for shoot in dubai
Source –See Inside Group

Gold, Spice, and Textile Souqs – Deira and Bur Dubai are historic districts in Dubai that are home to traditional souqs. The Grand Mosque, which has the city’s tallest minaret is also located in Bur Dubai. These streets and souqs are a must for productions who seek a “traditional” Arabic backdrop.
The Highlight – Film live street entertainment during DSF, including light stilt walkers, plate spinners, musicians, acrobats, dancers, and plenty more. The festival starts on 26th January 2019 and ends on 2nd February 2019.

Gold, Spice, and Textile Souqs filming location
Source –What’s on

Dubai Creek – Dubai Creek is a natural seawater inlet that divides the city into two parts – Deira and Bur Dubai. Several boutique hotels, golf courses, and yacht clubs are located along the creek’s banks. It makes for an ideal filming location for those who want to capture a sense of yesteryear.
The Highlight – Bursting with colours, activity and character, the Dhow Wharfage area is home to a way of life that cannot be seen anywhere else in Dubai. The ideal time to go here is an hour or two before the sunset to capture a beautiful horizon.

Dubai Creek filming location

Source – RedBubble

Margham Desert – How can a shoot in Dubai be complete without the desert experience? The unique landscape of Margham Desert creates an iconic view. The feel is romantic with a historical and traditional significance to it. It is an ideal location for those who are looking to capture Dubai in its true form.
The Highlight – The landscape that Margham provides is also ideal for extra-terrestrial shots.

Margham Desert shoot in dubai

Source – Zohaib Anjum Photography

Dubai Marina – The marina is a district that is carved along a two-mile stretch of Arabian Gulf shoreline. It consists of significant landmarks including the famous Walk, the beach, the promenade, and Marina Mall. This location is popular amongst filmmakers for its mixed marina and urban setting.
The Highlight – Filming in Dubai Marina is hassle-free. Major filming locations are all in the vicinity. This factor makes managing shoot logistics easier.

Dubai Marina filming location

Source – Haus and Haus

Meydan Racecourse – The grandstand is over a mile in length, and can accommodate over 60,000 spectators. It is an ideal location to shoot corporate videos / ad films.
The Highlight – It also includes a horse racing museum, gallery, five-star hotel, and a nine-hole golf course.

Meydan Racecourse as film location

Source – Dubai Dream Lifestyle

Al Qudra Desert – Rugged sand dunes, stark mountains, and ancient villages characterize Al Qudra Desert. A favorite among commercial producers the landscape of Al Qudra is ideal for rustic shoots.
The Highlight – The Desert is a mere ten-minute drive from Dubai Studio City. In a single day, the film crew can quickly shoot an urban scene by day and capture the serenity of the desert by night.

Al Qudra Desert for film shoot in dubai

Source – Singulart


Dubai offers an eclectic mix of both the modern as well as the traditional – right from the vast deserts, ancient monuments to the skyscrapers, highways & the swanky malls.

Ad film productions are spread across various locations and involve teamwork to reach the final output. This calls for a production services company that really understands the task at hand. At JoyFilms, Our International standards, and creative problem-solving make filming in Dubai smooth and hassle-free.

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