Heineken’s ‘New Friends’ Shows Life is for those who Live the Unexpected

Heineken’s ‘New Friends’ Shows Life is for those who Live the Unexpected

Heineken’s new U.S.- centric “Cheers to the Unexpected” campaign is a toast to spontaneity and the adventure of life. This latest spot, “New Friends” created by Publicis Worldwide New York celebrates those unexpected moments in life that take us by surprise. The idea is to seize these moments as they can be way more delightful than we could have ever anticipated. Life is anyway more exciting when we live each moment.

The man in ‘New Friends’ had expected to attend a lifeless party at Room No.9 with a bottle of wine in his hand, hoping to probably discuss some stimulating issues. Turns out that because of a slight misunderstanding in the room number, he becomes a part of a happening, lively party where he is handed over a crisp Heineken. The party is so wild that neither he nor anyone else in the party recognises that he has come to the wrong floor. Eventually, he becomes the life of the party and is seen dancing cheerfully in the crowd. It’s only by the end that he gets to know that he was in a wrong party, but by that time it already turns out to be one of his best evenings where he has made some new friends.

The ad reminds Heineken drinkers that “Sometimes the wrong party is the right one”. The beer brand has launched a series of digital spots, outdoor advertising and TVCs emphasizing how these surprising moments are the ones that give real joy. So the fun is in embracing these little adventures to enhance the excitement of living.

The Chief Marketing Officer at Heineken USA, Jonnie Cahill said in a statement, “Life isn’t about following a path. It’s about seizing the moments we sometimes never expected. With ‘Cheers to the Unexpected,’ we are bringing that to life, showcasing how beer and Heineken can bring people together and raising a glass to the surprise moments that make life worth celebrating.”

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