Create Magic on-screen – The working relationship among the Creative, The Agency and the Production house

Create Magic on-screen – The working relationship among the Creative, The Agency and the Production house

Chief Creative Officer at Impact BBDO Dubai, Paul Shearer has over 25 years of experience in advertising. Brought up on the diet of Bartle Bogle Hegarty and Wieden + Kennedy, Paul is a passionate believer in the digital world and prides himself in knowing what’s new and what’s ahead. This foresight has come to him from working for Nike for almost entire his career. He led the charge for Nike on many of their most famous Football World Cup integrated campaigns.  

He is an experienced Chief Creative officer and film Director with a long history of working in the media production industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Copywriting, Advertising, Integrated Marketing, and Outdoor Advertising, Paul was named the 5th best CCO globally in 2015 and 14th in 2016. He was also a founder Partner of the Agency Nitro, an agency that embraced the new age of fully integrated advertising.

In this article by Campaignme, Paul centers his talk around the relationships shared by the agency, creative, and production houses and how this blend is responsible for creating onscreen magic. Paul presses on the importance of a production house to bring an idea to life. He compares it to a hospital where ideas are conceived. Openness, Collaboration, and good old friendliness are what he mentions as the core pillars of any relationship.

“The creative has been through so many rounds they don’t really want to trust anyone with their idea. This idea is more than words on a page. It’s a bullet-proof miracle. A good production company knows this and handles everyone with care. A good production company reassures the creative, making them feel that only better things are to come. That the idea will be respected and given all the expertise that is needed. But collaboration is vital. A not-so-good production company will blow smoke. Leading the creative to believe that this idea will soon be an Oscar-winning triumph.”

“The relationship with the agency, on the other hand, is very different. It’s fraught with difficulties. Money comes into play – the other thing that can suck the life out of an idea. For me, it’s super important that all parties are honest with each other. If the budget is x then say it’s x. Don’t spend time trying to squeeze. A good production company gets this and asks the right questions. A not-so-good one gets sidetracked with stuff that will only take it away from the creative idea. So, my advice: Say it how it is. Be nice and be honest. I’m sure your mum taught you that anyway. I find a lot of the time creatives actually get in the way of this production house/agency relationship.”

Being a production house, Paul’s advice is direct and actionable for anyone. Trust, Transparency, and Friendliness are the core values that are required to bring an idea to life.