Racing into the dark with Toyota

Racing into the dark with Toyota

Three individuals who share a common passion for cars, customize their machines for the ultimate race.

Their Challenge? To drive in pitch darkness through the unknown.

The success of this project was dependent on capturing the drama and grit the right way. We believe every challenge opens up a new opportunity, but preparation is the key. With only 2 days assigned for the shoot, our teams had to be as precise as the drivers.

Locking down the right locations took more research, but it saved us the time we would have otherwise spent in set design. The authenticity of the locations was critical in adding character to the film.

What defines a good production company? It’s good planning and preparation and the ability of on-the-spot problem-solving. Locations can behave erratically. No matter how well prepared you are, there are always some surprises. In this case, it was a random unexpected desert storm.

Creativity comes to play while finding the right answers to a sudden problem and turning it into an opportunity. All you need is the right people whom you can trust with the responsibility. These are the people who will successfully navigate the project.

With a modest budget and a short turnaround time, we managed to craft a film that exceeded all our expectations. A bold concept, a brave client, and a production team driven by passion is invincible. The whole Toyota campaign received over 1 million views on their social media channels.