Quench the visual thirst with Karmi

Quench the visual thirst with Karmi

A great production agency is not one that has a specific style but one that is adaptable, works within defined constraints and yet manages to communicate ideas as per the brand requirements.

Karmi’s commercial is one such project where despite a tight schedule and limited resources, JoyFilms delivered a beautiful spot that we are all proud of.

This TVC filmed in Prague takes the audience on a sensory journey by aptly juxtaposing Karmi against a dynamic play of visuals, colours, and music. It is a visual treat that emulates the feeling and textural impact of Karmi on its consumers.

To a large extent, the spot owes its success to Mehdi Norowzian’s brilliant direction, a strong production team & a team of liquid specialists flown down from London that was responsible for the intricate minutiae of the liquid patterns seen in the commercial.

Another thing that really shines is the brilliant set design which is Mehdi’s Forte. His cinematographic expertise backed by a strong art department, made a small set look impressive on screen.

In short, the Karmi spot successfully made a flavoured malt beverage look satisfying and irresistible with its screenplay, evoking a sudden desire to quench one’s thirst with the same.