NEOM – Made To Change

NEOM - Made To Change

Big ambitions and ideas bring big changes. This idea from McCann Enterprise positions NEOM as a change-maker that will inspire the world and reimagines a healthier, more responsible, efficient, sustainable, and balanced way of life, by starting from a blank canvas.
Directed by the brilliant Dave Meyers and supported by an amazing team, agency, and client.
Executive Producer: Ali Azarmi
Producer: Nima Safari
Director: Dave Meyers
Director’s Producer: Colin Moran
Producer: Jose Aguirre
Cinematographer: Scott Cunningham
Art Director: Jorge Vujosevich
Wardrobe Stylist: Esmeralda Torres
Makeup & Hair: Alfredo Tikre
Post Producer: Andreea Gurbina
VFX Supervisor: Mario Dubec
VFX & Color Grading: UPP
Editor: Arianna Tomasettig
Sound Design: Locky Butler
Music Composer: Mads Hauge