Location References

Location References
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The Culture of Possible

Determination, Innovation and will best describe the city of Dubai and the successes it has displayed to the world en-route to becoming one of the main global focal points.

Dubai has become widely spoken of and on people’s lips for the obvious reasons of achieving the spectacular through its vision, creativity, stability and rising economy.

The lifestyles in Dubai ranging from the luxurious hotels, restaurants and malls to the exciting youthful, energetic and buzzing activities. Dubai offers everything to everyone and is also reserve-full of its own authentic identity, culture and tradition; a unique mixture in today’s globalized world.

Modernity, progress, security, cultural diversity and a positive young mind set are not the only assets that put Dubai on the world map. One of Dubai’s key assets is its location on the middle of the world map making it the perfect bridge between Far East and the West. It is the perfect chemistry of History and Geography.

  • Dubai is strategically well placed between East and West and served by two of the world’s best airlines. An ideal destination for international productions.
  • Dubai offers a wide scope of professional and experienced production personnel and crew from around the world.
  • State of the Art and constantly updated and maintained equipment. We make sure all gear is checked and double checked.
  • Up-to-date and highly qualified Post-Production facilities are present to ensure delivery in the most effective manner to suit necessary deliverables required.
  • Dubai is Tax-Free providing more flexibility in budget control and acquiring desired facilities to achieve the visions held within each production.
  • Joy Films always secure the best equipment and highly skilled crew for its productions to ensure the best production quality possible.
  • Our professional team can provide all levels of production support from visas, permits, equipment, locations, travel & accommodation, compact crew for documentaries all the way through to feature films.
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Beirut. Joy of the Mediterranean


Beirut has been consistently voted as one of the world’s top three fun cities. The Lebanese are legendary in their hospitality and fun loving nature with the most positive attitude and resilience.

Beirut has been the Film Production hub of the Middle East for decades and can boast some of the best production professionals in the region. Production support from art direction, wardrobe, stylist are available with high standards and great economy. Lebanon can also provide a range of cast from actors to models. Talents such as musicians and performers of all genres are abundant.When it comes to locations however, Lebanon is quite unique. Nowhere represents such a wide diversity of locations and landscapes in a such a close proximity to each other. From the pine and cedar forests to ski slopes and to the beach in 30 minutes. In between the mountains and the beaches are the many Mediterranean style villages to modern districts and world famous night clubs.

The US Dollar being the standard currency in the Lebanon, it is good to know that your Dollars go a very long way.

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