Lindt – Escape Into A Moment Of Bliss

Lindt - Escape Into A Moment Of Bliss

Roger Federer, a global icon in the world of professional tennis, doesn't just shine on the court. He radiates professionalism in everything that he does.We had the pleasure of working with him recently when Play Big Films from Australia commissioned us to service a promotion for Lindt's Mango and Crème chocolate while he was in Dubai for a tennis tournament. Director Roger Fedrat excelled in capturing this no-brainer trade between Roger Federer's career and the irresistible new Mango and Crème Lindor chocolate flavour.The commitment to making this production as good as it was drove us as far as ironing the Lindt chocolate wrappers to make them look immaculate.With only 6 hours to shoot the video, everyone involved contributed to making this a seamless experience.