Crew & Equipment

Crew & Equipment

Russian Arm in Action in the streets of Dubai during a shoot-Crew-Equipment

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Dubai offers a wide scope of professional and experienced production personnel and crew from around the world.

State of the Art and constantly up to date equipment is upon availability to ensure the best quality sought-after by any production.

Up-to-date and highly qualified Post-Production facilities are present to ensure delivery in the most effective manner to suit necessary deliverables

Dubai is Tax-Free providing more flexibility in budget control and acquiring desired facilities to achieve the visions held within each production.

Joy Films always secure the best equipment and highly skilled crew for its productions to ensure the best production quality possible.

Joy Films always tries to ensure the best equipment available in the market for the best rates possible including:

  • Alexa XT (4:3/16:9, RAW & ProRes)
  • Alexa Plus (16:9, ProRes)
  • Alexa Classic with XR Upgrade (16:9, RAW & ProRes)
  • Red Dragon
  • Red Dragon Carbon Fibre
  • Russian Arm
  • Ultimate Arm
  • Remote Head
Phantom – Flex 4k
  • Master Primes
  • Ultra Primes
  • Cooke S4
  • Leica Summilux-C
  • Super Speeds MkII
  • Optimo 16-42
  • Optimo 15-40
  • Optimo 17-80
  • Optimo 28-76
  • Optimo 24-290
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