Omar Al Sharif on beliefs, films and passion

Omar Al Sharif on beliefs, films and passion

An Egyptian actor, Omar Al Sharif who rose to stardom in Hollywood with his role in Doctor Zhivago in 1965 gives a candid interview here on Journeyman TV. Journeyman TV distributes and produces some provocative and profound content and this interview is definitely one of their most introspective videos.

Sharif talks about his infinite adoration for his work, his fluid yet staunch beliefs and his passions in life, in this interview. He has been applauded and remembered for his powerful screen presence and taking control of every character he played. With a striking screen presence and an impactful voice, Sharif was always a delight to watch on screen.

When asked about his long break from his work, he says without mincing his words, “I was making rubbish for the last 25 years to pay off my debts.”

He is also known for his unabashed political stance and his rational yet liberal beliefs. Born as a Catholic, he converted to Islam when he married Faten Hamama. When asked whether he adheres to Islamic beliefs or Catholic ones, he replies, “I have none that I can prove. l believe in everything and then nothing”. His beliefs and choice of roles in the films haven’t gone down very well with the Islamic audience. Whether it’s kissing a Jewish girl on-screen or playing the role of St. Peter in an Italian TV Film, Sharif has always been the focus of Islamic backlash. He had even received a death threat from one of the biggest terrorist organizations in the world, Al-Qaeda.

With his death in 2015, the glittering world of cinema lost out on one of its brightest shining stars. Though today’s generation of actors could learn a lot from this veteran actor, we wonder if anyone could adopt his effortless yet remarkable style and acting skills.

Watch this interview as Omar Al Sharif discloses his fascinating beliefs, unusual lifestyle and commendable work in the film industry.