“Ungovernable” – The new BMW Commercial Directed by Kyle Lewis

“Ungovernable” – The new BMW Commercial Directed by Kyle Lewis

Cape Town-based director Kyle Lewis began his creative journey with South Africa’s music video industry but soon after shifted to the advertising world. His work for various brands such as Volkswagen, Absolut, Nike and BMW over the past few years, has managed to capture and amplify the essence of African Youth culture. Widely known as an artiste & an exemplary commercials director , Lewis is someone who pushes the conventional limits, never conforming to societal expectations in the pursuit of his dreams and passions.

Throughout his career the director has been unapologetic about his work & refuses to be ‘put in a box’ . From winning the Gold Loerie, the Silver Bookmark to the Apex Awards and being featured multiple times in ‘Shots’ – the leading news & insight platform for the creative industry; Lewis has torn ‘normal & mundane’ to shreds.

No wonder he was invited by the creative team at Open Co. to collaborate on BMW’s ‘Ungovernable’ commercial for ‘X2’. Similar to the director’s attitude the eclectic spot inspires the viewer to defy societal definition of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and follow one’s own creative pursuits.


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