Lytro – A camera that’s changing the way we capture shots

Lytro – A camera that’s changing the way we capture shots

PHOTOGRAPHER: Joy Films | POSTED: 23-04-2012

First launched in 2006, this camera is an ideal device that lets you capture the moment exactly when you want to, without any delay. Made by an American company, Lytro Inc. this is a must have for everyone who struggles to capture the perfect shot. Forget about focusing troubles of the lens and delays caused by shutter when you’re using this incredible light field technology equipment.

It’s a light-field camera that captures the entire vantage of a light field in the shot which is basically all the light travelling in every direction in every point in space.  Capturing tremendous amount of light field data, this camera is sure to make the lives of those in film and television industry much easier.

The onus of getting the perfect shot was always on the way shots were captured while filming. There was no way for one to make any changes after the shot was captured. But with Lytro camera, post-production changes are not just limited to editing, you can now change the depth of field, refocus, work on the shutter speed or the dynamic range.

Green screens might soon become a thing of the past because of Lytro cameras. The incredible depth of field captured by Lytro camera allows distinguishing between the foreground & background subjects, implying that CG effects can be created without the green screen. This happens because it segregates all the visuals behind and around that, thereby creating CG effects without the green screen. It lets you decide what the foreground and background will be without automatically detecting and separating it. Hence, you can add and eliminate different visuals to show a story you want to.


Lytro’s light field technology has revolutionized the way shots are captured. This mind-blowing technology is sure to change the entire look and feel of the cinema.