The Unfinished Films of Kubrick

The Unfinished Films of Kubrick

We take a look at some of the incredible film projects undertaken by Stanley Kubrick which never saw the light of the day.

Stanley Kubrick started his journey in 1968 and even though he has only 13 feature films and 3 documentaries that released, he is known as a remarkable director. Some of his films garnered controversy initially but later got nominated for Oscars while few others never saw the light of silver screen. Two such great projects that were never completed are Napoleon and Aryan Papers.

After the success of his film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley decided to make Napoleon. He was fascinated by how Napoleon turned around the modern political system and his amazing military prowess. Aryan Papers, on the other hand, was based on Holocaust concentration camps, one of Kubrick’s favourite subjects.

While talking about Kubrick, John Calley, a former executive at Warner Brothers says, “He was a man of such varied interests that he was always busy.”

A.I. was another such project that was started by Stanley out of his sheer curiosity for technology but wasn’t completed by him. It was later handed over to Steven Spielberg and subsequently released in 2001.

Kubrick loved his art and researched painstakingly to not miss out on the minute details of the story. His meticulous research skills and his extreme dedication were definitely evident in all his films.

A lot of times, his audience and his peers from the film fraternity stood gazing at the marvellous things he scouted for the research of his films. From lost documentaries to rare artefacts, he would get everything that made his art worth watching.

With his death in 1999, the film world lost a priceless gem but his films still remain to be some of the most notable creations in cinematic history. Though few of his lost projects are being revived again, we wonder how those projects would have turned out if Stanley would have managed to get them on screen.