John Cleese Rants on Football Vs Soccer

John Cleese Rants on Football Vs Soccer

In this uproarious ‘Soccer’ Vs ‘Football’ rant, John Cleese talks about the difference between the two.

John Cleese, an internationally acclaimed veteran English comedian and actor, cracks down on the most absurd question about why America calls Football, Soccer. In this hilarious rant, he takes a comical stance on American Soccer and their creativity in the games. The English actor further goes on to explain the irony of American Football, a game played with hands and not foot. Cleese takes a dig at everything from creative beer ads to sponsored commercials that are telecasted during the game.

Whether it’s Chandler Bing’s celebrated sarcasm in the show ‘Friends’ or Keith Alberstadt’s satirical humour, comedy of the absurd has always appealed to the audience. New comedians such as Trevor Noah and Hasan Minhaj don’t shy away from satire either.

A cricket enthusiast himself, Cleese hasn’t shied away from hitting sarcastic remarks at American Soccer and American Football earlier as well. You can see this in several of his interviews. In one of his witty remarks on CBS Sunday Morning, he says, that American games were designed considering the fact that America loves to talk. His hysterical style combined with a sense of urgency is a total laughter riot.

Cleese is known for his observational comedy and humour that absorbs little nuances of the bigger picture. A ridicule nonetheless yet rib-tickling, this video is surely going to make you laugh out loud.