Indulge in a Visual Treat as Smooth as Lurpak’s new Softest Butter

Indulge in a Visual Treat as Smooth as Lurpak’s new Softest Butter

Helmed by Kim Gehrig via Somesuch, this spot is another Lurpak butter commercial that is a visual treat that presents an innovative solution to the everyday problem of using butter straight from the fridge, especially during the morning rush hour. This TVC marks the launch of Lurpak Softest – a smooth butter that can be spread right after it’s taken out of the refrigerator.

The spot by Wieden+Kennedy London debuted on June 3 on ITV1’s Britain’s Got Talent, strengthening the Danish brand, Lurpak’s position in the industry as the connoisseur of delectable food. The spot aptly juxtaposes the sounds, sights & actions that take place every morning to get oneself & the breakfast ready. The protagonist prepares her sandwich in a jiffy spreading the smooth Lurpak butter whilst pouring her coffee, and simultaneously puts on her lipstick gearing up for the day ahead.

Before the campaign aired, the Senior Global Brand Manager of Lurpak noted, “We wanted the whole communication around the product to convey the smoothness of it and show people that they don’t have to compromise on taste even when they are in a hurry. We have created a campaign that we’re very proud of and can’t wait for it to roll out.

A sensory journey where the audience is served the visuals, textures and the sounds, the flow of the spot is equally smooth as the brand it promotes. Yet again, W+K’s Lurpak ad has made food look satisfying and irresistible, evoking a desire for the culinary art – something we tend to give a miss with our busy schedules. As the narration points out, it is possible to “Master Food in a Hurry.”