Giving the little Cirrus a human touch

Giving the little Cirrus a human touch

On the occasion of receiving its 100th Airbus A380 airliner, Emirates Airlines also welcomed another new member to its fleet of aircraft – A small CIRRUS training aircraft for their new pilot training academy.

To mark the event, their formidable marketing and corporate communication team came up with a concept to create a film based on CIRRUS meeting its Big Brother. The tagline for this advert was “It’s nice to have a big brother,” and the concept was to show a curious CIRRUS trying to explore its new home at Emirates.

Our content team was excited to be a part of this extra-special project that looked pretty straightforward. But as we all know that no good film comes out with ease and this film was no different.

The challenge was to convey the emotions of an aircraft as if it were a human through visual storytelling. We had no voice-overs or animation and had to shoot in the real airport environment without disturbing the strict schedules and regulations,  before sunset.

However, with the help of our talented Production & Post-Production teams, we managed to give little CIRRUS a human touch and showcased the human side of Emirates Airlines in everything they do.

The result – a 30-second version of the whole film launched on Emirates’ Facebook page and Instagram that took off with great delight, winning the adoration of the public with unprecedented organic results.