Farcry 5 – Baptism Live Action Trailer

Farcry 5 – Baptism Live Action Trailer

Filmed in a full feature-film style, DDB Paris’ ‘The Baptism’ takes us into the world of Ubisoft’s latest release Far Cry 5. Director Martin de Thurah introduces viewers to the dangerous yet charismatic prophet Joseph Seed – the main antagonist. According to Martin, “Joseph is out of reach, and it touches a very uneasy place for us – a psychopath who is unpredictable. It’s very scary and unsettling.”

“Behind every villain is an unremarkable person with a remarkable story,” says Ubisoft of the Baptism trailer. This live action trailer intrigues the viewers with an initiation rite of the cult – one where people from the Hope County, Montana are purified by Joseph as he plunges them deep into the waters to wash away their remembrances from their former life.

The Multi-award winning Director De Thurah is known for his work in music promos and commercials. He found the subject matter compelling as he knew few of his own family members who were involved in sects. “I always like to create worlds in my filmmaking,” he says, “so it felt like ‘that’ kind of project, where we would be able to expand a story about a man who creates his own cult.”

Being a sequel; Far Cry 5 has a storyline and a well-established world of its own. De Thurah’s approach was vastly defined by this. As he says; “It’s a different task. For me, it’s about expanding the world within the given frame as much as possible. In this case, the given frame was quite specific, but I still had room to put myself into it. I always try to be personal in my approach.”


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