Choosing the right Production Company – A Guide

Choosing the right Production Company – A Guide

Videos are a great medium to promote your organization, its products and the services it offers. With a good video, a brand can effectively reach out to their target customers, generate more visibility and build a stronger offline and online presence. However, to effectively reach out to your target audience, it is important that your video production strategy and execution is good. From client brief to location scouting to post-production, the procedure to create a good video can be long and tedious, though hiring a good Production Agency can make it easy.

Choosing a good production house is tricky. There are a lot of them, but finding the right one for your task is an essential step. Remember, just because a business carries the keyword of a ‘production company’, or other such industry jargons does not always guarantee quality video production, script writing, or editing. So it’s better to do some due diligence before you say yes.

Here are some of the things that you must consider when choosing the best production company :

1.Check their Portfolio

A background check is really essential.

Start by browsing their website and figuring out the kind of videos and ads the company has worked upon in the past. A worthwhile company will always have previous work available on their official website they are proud to showcase. By their portfolio, you can easily figure out what are the strengths of the team.


2.Services they Offer.

What all resources can their team provide.

From Casting to Equipment to Location Permits, production services include a lot of tasks that have to be catered for your shoot. Mail them and get them to explain how they envision the project getting complete –  what all resources can the production company provide. Their answers will give you enough confidence to decide whether they are the right team to work with.



How good are they in what they do.

For all professionals, experience and expertise matter the most. It is important to check that the professionals on whom you are trusting with your ad film have the knowledge and understanding to follow up with the work efficiently. The kind of projects they have worked on as individuals and the scale and quality of it defines their expertise.

Go through the production companies’ website for blogs and social media to get an idea of the content they are sharing there. You can also check out individual portfolios, social media handles to get a more in-depth idea of their individual mindsets towards production and the kind of work they have done as individuals.


4.Online Presence

Know where they stand on the internet.

It’s simple. Do a google search by using the keywords for the services you are looking for. For example: ‘Best Equipment Rental in Dubai’ and go through the names that pop-up. The ones that are sitting on top are ideally there for a reason.



Apart from the 4 factors mentioned above, the most basic thing to consider while hiring a video production company is the costs they charge. It needs to fit in the budget that you have in mind for your ad film. In Dubai, media companies charge reasonably for the kind of content and services they deliver, so cost won’t be such an issue.

These are just pointers to help you on the way towards shortlisting a production house. Get assured by going through the website and contacting the video production company you think fits your criteria right away!