How to Choose the right Production Company?

How to Choose the right Production Company?

Thanks to digital technology, video production has become far more affordable and accessible. In fact, video production can be much more cost effective than printing a brochure in reaching the audience.

If you don’t have an advertising or branding agency to define a brand proposition and strategy, then you must seek a production company with creative and strategic capabilities.
Every great creative idea starts with a well defined objective or brief.
To come up with the right answers, we must first ask the right questions.
To choose the right production company for your requirement – look through the production company’s website using the following questions as a start point.

– Are they selective about what they post?
– Does their work represent a high calibre of production?
– Are their productions entertaining and engaging?
– Do their productions represent a wide diversity in terms of style and scale?

Great talents are not categorized by genres or a specific style. They are the ones who perform well and have the ability to realize any script irrespective of the format, medium or method.

Further, Test their responsiveness and how readily do they provide solutions?
How passionate are they about the project?
Don’t judge them by the cost only but by the value, they are providing. Sometimes it is better to do nothing than doing something the wrong way to match a low budget.

Respect production companies who say no. Also respect the ones who suggest solutions that make low budgets possible in creative ways beyond your initial brief, even more.

Low budgets require greater creativity and planning to produce excellent results. Be prepared to let the production company and the director take complete control over the process to pull it off. This requires total trust on the part of the client which is not too much to ask when the vision is to deliver beyond the means of a limited budget.

This brings us to, What is a reasonable budget?
The easy answer is – It depends on what is the scope of production. If the production requires a large number of extras, special effects, CGI, aerials, multiple locations, global media usage, then expect the cost to be in hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, a brilliant script with the cast of one or two people in one location could be very cost effectively provided there are no celebrities involved.

What is  “Production Value”?
Generally,  “Production Value” is making the film look great and investing the budget in the right areas. An excellent production value means the film looks flawless for its genre.

Choosing a production company can be challenging when there are so many different permutations and combinations. We have listed some crucial points that can surely help. In case, you need any further assistance feel free to connect with us.




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