Brilliance is in Taking the Humane Route, proves IKEA’s Human Catalogue

Brilliance is in Taking the Humane Route, proves IKEA’s Human Catalogue

“If you can’t explain it to a 6-year old, you don’t know it yourself.”

Seems agency BBH Singapore and IKEA followed this principle of Albert Einstein for the launch of its 2018 Catalogue. BBH auditioned and selected a 23-year old girl to memorise the entire catalogue in a week’s time.

The result was unbelievable, interactive and fun, even for a six-year-old. Meet Yanjaa Wintersoul, the first-ever Human catalogue who memorised the minuscule details of all the 328 pages of the IKEA 2018 catalogue with the theme, ‘Make Room for Life’, featuring over 400 items. She is the face of IKEA’s 2018 catalogue launch for Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Currently touted as the world’s highest ranking female memory champion, recalling IKEA’s publication to its last detail has been the biggest challenge for her.

Wintersoul bravely fielded questions from the agency experts and IKEA employees, who wanted to figure out if she’s the real deal. This spot shows the time when the IKEA experts decided to quiz the twice world-record holding memory champion on the contents of the 2018 catalogue.

It all started with a Skype call and then to test her further, ‘Sweden’s Got Talent’ finalist, Yanjaa was called in person. Then, even IKEA experts thought of ‘seeing it to believe it’. The feat Yanjaa achieves in all these tests from questions like “What’s there on page 16 and 17” and “What’s on the rug on page 138?” to a more intricate detail like “What’s stuck on the refrigerator on page 21?”.

The memory athlete also mentions furniture brand names such as the Muren recliner, Denmark’s design house, Hay and the Hemnes bookshelf when she is asked to describe certain random pages by the IKEA experts.

Several digital films, test films showing Wintersoul’s audition and selection as well as digital, social print and out of home activities were also launched. The catalogue reached 124 countries, 73 million people and earned Wintersoul 5.7 million dollars worth of media coverage.

Creative Director of BBH Singapore Nikhil Panjwani said in a statement: “I faintly recollect telling someone that even if we had hired the best talent scout in Hollywood, we wouldn’t have been able to find someone as amazing and charismatic as Yanjaa.”

As impressive as all this sounds, it’s the humane approach that got the IKEA 2018 catalogue etched in people’s memory and made Yanjaa a viral sensation. Quoting Einstein again, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”


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