BMW shoot Dubai with JOY for first MENA video campaign

BMW shoot Dubai with JOY for first MENA video campaign

In terms of advertising, BMW has done a remarkable job in connecting with their global audience. But they wanted to strengthen their bond with their audience in the Middle East with a message that was both emotional and relatable.

It was a new beginning and undoubtably an honour for any production house to considered for – so, imagine our excitement when Impact Plus informed us that we had been hand picked to execute their brilliant creative concept. We were determined to make sure that it wouldn’t be the last time BMW would shoot in the MENA region. And certainly not the last time they would work with us for such a meaningful project.

Handling BMW’s first full production in the Middle East didn’t come without its pressure. Luckily, finding the right director for any job is what we excel at. With only one week to prep, the challenge of finding high caliber directors who are usually booked well in advance made us work up a sweat. But the name we have built for ourselves through our experience with success in the industry has given us a certain influence which really paid off for this project.

To set the bar high we searched for a director that would capture the brands personality in a way that suits the region. After extensive searching, it was a no brainer decision to pitch Nigel Simpkiss, distinguished Top Gear director, to join us on board for the production. With his help we were set to craft a beautiful film that exceeded online video standards. Our talent and location choices reflected different layers of the substance that defines our Middle Eastern culture. Every single day counted. With multi-national companies involved and global protocols to follow, it was an engineering of time and resources.

The story and exceptional script conceived by the talented team at Impact were centered around exploring the connection between BMW and the people of the region. All generations were to be covered to stress on the connection between their range of classic and modern cars with our people. In line with that, location had to be carefully thought out. The modern scenes were shot in Dubai’s futuristic city. We shot their cars driving all over the Emirates least touched by modernization in the mountains of Ras Al Khaima and Al Kalba Tunnels.

The video production, along with the photography for this campaign was executed with extreme precision and cares to make sure everything was done perfectly in one go. And of course, we had some fun along the way.  A great and challenging experience going through the history of BMW’s cars and connecting their growth with the growth of our people.

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Client: BMW Group ME
Creative Agency: Impact Proximity
Creative Director: Scott Leder
Director: Nigel Simpkiss
Executive Producer: Dania Quaglio
Director of Photography: Andrew Boulte
Producer: Antoine Tannous
Location Manager: Nasr Ahmed