Location References


We believe there is hardly any film equipment that cannot be sourced in Dubai. We can provide the latest digital cameras from Arrie, Red or smaller units with the highest resolutions to film cameras that are making such a come back. The lenses available are the latest in their generation with a large variety of old and new optics for the desired effects. All the special effects cameras and action kits are readily available while the slow motion world of Phantom is also comfortably available.

The selection of cranes like Techno and Russian arm make scale shoots a piece of cake to produce while repeatable rigs for more technical demands is a common practice. In fact when it comes to grip there is nothing that may not be sourced. The number of rental homes are limited so early reservation is recommended.

Considering that Dubai and the region enjoy sunshine all year around its is surprising the scale of brand new and modern light that is available to our DOP. From the powerful Eighteen kilowatts to small Led lights there is nothing that cannot be provided to take care of the varied scale of the productions. We can confidently say the same thing about shooting in Lebanon or Abu Dhabi.

— Dania Quaglio Salha

Executive Producer