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Explore a plethora of locations for filming in Dubai

We take pride as one of the leading Film Location Agencies of the UAE. Our team comprises of the best Location Managers and fixers in the business, with unequalled experience in organising shoots in Dubai, Beirut and London.

It is a well-known fact that there are plenty of locations for shooting in the UAE. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two of the most advanced and lavish cities, boasting of the tallest building to the biggest man-made island in the world. While the modern aspects of the UAE are something to cherish and embrace we cannot forget the old where the ancient streets and souks are a haven for discovery. Sharjah, Ajman, RAK and UAQ which form the Northern Emirates are very different and traditional in character and exude the nostalgic old charm of Arabia.

The UAE offers a truly great scale, impossible architecture as well as more modest and real areas that has its root firmly in normality. The graphic and clean aspect of this wonderful and brand new city is something that can not be found anywhere and which in twenty minutes you can find yourself in rustic and textural areas which can only be described as enchanting.

The natural resources in UAE are distinct. The coastline is the Gulf’s Riviera and the rocky mountains and the rivers towards the north of Dubai are an impressive winding terrain that is perfect for any automobile / car ad film shoot. There are many landscape parks in the UAE creating green spaces for residents. Al Ain is the agricultural base of the UAE and the greenest city thanks to the late Great Sheikh Zayed, the father of the modern UAE, who was born there. The modern city aside; we also have desert sand dunes in our backyard.

Our office in Beirut on the Mediterranean coast can offer a fantastic selection of gritty locations and textures as well as the opulent and stylish settings for shooting. A short travel from Beirut and we can find ourselves in the most spectacular natural landscape with the famous Cedar trees and mountains.
Probably the most diverse and compact country in the world, UAE is an ideal location for shooting films, commercials and documentaries alike.

Our vast and versatile film locations library, includes representation for everything from high-end penthouses, industrial landscapes and street-scenes, to Scottish Highlands, London parks and Cornish beaches. We can source every backdrop from the financial district in the City of London to the rolling fields of the countryside. We take pride in offering our clients a hands-on service, from storyboard through to wrap.

But above all, it is our attitude towards our work which sets us apart. We follow our processes diligently and believe in only the intelligent way of working. International standards, local knowledge and creative problem-solving that make filming in Dubai, Beirut and London hassle-free.

We can’t wait to make you smile.

— Ali Azarmi

Managing Partner